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Tarr Inlet, Glacier Bay, AK

Tarr Inlet, Glacier Bay, AK

Sold / 12x12"  Oil


1st Place in Best of the Best Competition in Gallery Ring.


 “TARR INLET, GLACIER BAY, AK is breathtaking. A centered stream of water descends from the hills in the distance gradually broadening to showcase its green and yellow body with a white, smudgy coating as it splashes persistently. Dark green rocks on the left supply a dose of color variation amongst the smoky, charcoal hills that slope in on both sides dominating the space. In the middle, a mass of textured, pale grey with purple undertones excellently portrays the distant mountains that are negated by the misty, cold air that prevails. The masterful, rough brushwork perfectly captures the wild, reckless and dangerous spirit of the setting in this enthralling and beautiful painting.” -- GALLERY RING

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