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Sold / 8x10 Oil

Now available as a print, stationary & more at Paint Box Studio.


When I was a girl, we lived on a small farm on a dirt road named Aunt Molly Rd, in Hopewell, NJ. This paintng, along wth "Across the Meadow", brings me back to memories of long walks down and back up that road. Of hours of childhood explorations in the woods and streams along it; catching frogs, trying to float an old bathtub down the stream, swinging from vines, petting cows and horses, and bringing home many stray kittens. We were always exploring and speculating about it's namesake, old "Aunt Molly", what was her life like, why did they name the road after her, where were the bones of her long ago home? And though the painting is a mix of memory and imagination, it is with certainty a homage to those beautiful childhood walks.

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